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Welcome to Ace Spa Covers

Each ACE Spa Pool Cover is custom made to fit your spa. We have hundreds of designs, so chances are we already have your spa on record. All our covers are manufactured using only the highest materials and come with a 2 year conditional warranty.

The Benefits of Using an ACE Spa Cover


  • ACE Spa Covers reduce heating to a normal time and also keeps your spa hotter longer when not in use, which will save you money on heating costs.


  • Because your ACE Spa Cover practically eliminates evaporation, your chemicals last much longer. The cover also stops the sun getting to your spa diluting the potency of the chemicals. Your cover also stops the entry of rain water which dilutes your chemicals

Peace of Mind

  • Each Ace Spa Cover comes complete with six key locks which prevent young children entering the spa unsupervised, giving added peace of mind.


  • Each ACE Spa Cover is made from 95mm thick polystyrene foam, gently tapered to allow any rains or moisture to run off. These foams are reinforced with recessed aluminum for added strength and are covered in a durable heat sealed plastic to prevent any moisture from reaching the foam.

These foams are then covered with high grade marine vinyl in a colour of your choice and complete with six locks which are easy to fit to your spa.

Spa Cover Colours

Dark Blue

Our Covers


Each cover comes hinged in the middle for easy access to operating controls and easy removal.


All covers come with sturdy handles for easy carrying.


Each cover comes with six key operated locks which are simple to fit and operate.


Covers can be made in two halves.